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Submit your Picnic or Gift Basket!
 Please use the form below to submit the information we need to list your basket online. The more information you provide the better! We also highly encourage you submit photos to accompany your submission when possible. Please do so via a link in the field provided.
Once your basket is purchased, we will connect you with the seller to arrange for delivery. 
Note that you don't have to deliver the basket in person, but you are committing to ensuring that they receive it either at an event, or via the mail. If you have to mail your basket, we  would ask that you and the recipient split the cost of the shipping.  
It is also important to note that you DO NOT have to make the items you donate! They can be purchased and assembled for purchase. While food items are fun, you can also create baskets just for kids, or artists, or fighters, or anything else you can dream up. Thank you for your participation and please CONTACT US with questions! 

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Thank you for your donation!


You will NOT be reimbursed for your basket materials as this is a fundraising effort. 

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